Teach Residents Of A Retirement Center About Musical Instruments

Music is an art form that allows people of all ages to express themselves. Music can also assist with relaxation and may promote a sense of well-being. If you volunteer at a local retirement center and are in charge of providing residents with a music program, use the options below to help teach residents about instruments and provide them with the opportunity to learn how to play them.

Utilize Services Offered By A Music Charity Program

A music charity program emphasizes the importance of music by providing seminars and offering free musical instruments to individuals or businesses in need. Contact a music charity program that offers assistance in the community where the retirement center is located. Request some basic instruments as well as instructions concerning how to use them.

Make an appointment to have a representative stop by the center so that they can introduce the instruments and show residents how they are played. If you have a musical background, you can also assist with demonstrating the instruments. Once the residents have grasped basic concepts and feel confident to play the instruments, hold an impromptu concert for family and friends.

You can learn more about local music charity programs by searching online, such as on websites like jerrygarciafoundation.org.

Hire A Local Performer

Plan an event that involves a performance by a local entertainer. Interview several musicians before choosing one to perform at the center. Designate a date and time for the performance to be held and ask the person who will be playing an instrument if they would be willing to tell residents of the center about how they got involved in playing music and how it has changed their life.

On the day of the performance, set up a viewing area that includes seats and a stage. Describe briefly to the residents what they will be watching and then let the performer take over and play music for everyone and vocalize about the particular instrument that they played.

Visit A Public Concert Venue

If the residents of the retirement center are welcome to come and go as they please or if scheduled events are offered to them at regular intervals, consider bringing the residents to a public concert venue so that each person can witness instruments being played.

Before choosing a particular event, meet with the residents to ask them questions about the type of music that they prefer and their favorite instruments. A church, concert hall, or stadium may have an event that everyone will enjoy. On the day of the event, welcome everyone to sit back and enjoy the performance as they witness the performers playing various instruments.