Reasons Abandoned Children May Need Assistance

Although there are many worthwhile charitable causes to which you may want to donate funds, those that help children in need can be particularly important. A wide range of charities lends assistance to children, including charities that focus on abandoned children. Child abandonment is a serious concern across the country, and your donations can give you the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping a child in distress. A child abandonment charity like Project Cuddle can work to find safe and loving new homes for minors whose parents have abandoned them. While some parents simply choose to walk away from their children, other children find themselves abandoned as a result of these issues.


Incarceration is a cause for child abandonment in some scenarios. An adult who breaks the law doesn't necessarily get a lenient sentence simply because he or she is a parent. If the crime is egregious, the parent may be sentenced to a lengthy stay in prison — perhaps even receiving a life sentence. In the case of a single parent, the sentencing can effectively result in the abandonment of the offender's children. While the children may be able to stay with a family member, this isn't always possible.


There are heartbreaking situations in which children are left abandoned because of the death of their parents. Many different scenarios can result in such an issue. For example, if a couple with children were to be in a fatal car accident while their children were at home with a sitter, the children would essentially be abandoned. The death of a single parent for any reason can result in the abandonment of his or her children, while violent crimes — a murder-suicide of a couple, for example — can also leave the children without a guardian.

Mental Illness

Many people contend with mental illness in a manner that doesn't affect their ability to raise children. However, this isn't always possible, and a parent's mental health issues could prompt him or her to lose the children in one way or another. For example, if the parent were to require long-term hospitalization for a mental health issue, this could leave the children without a proper family unit. If a parent's mental health issues have put the children at risk of violence, a court may have ruled that the parent was unfit to raise the children. In any of these situations, the children will be in serious need — and your donations can help.