6 Reasons You Need Instant Modular Buildings for Your Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian services can be needed throughout the world at a moment's notice. From natural disasters to man-made conflicts, humanitarian aid organizations of every kind need to have boots on the ground as soon as possible to help. Instant modular building systems can help get your team moving fast. 

Protection from elements

First and foremost, any disaster relief situation needs a way to keep their team out of the elements. An instant modular building system has both heating and cooling systems installed to keep both people and machinery running at peak performance. The structures are sturdy enough to withstand wind, rain, snow, and hail. 

Fast set-up

Speed is always an important factor in any humanitarian effort. The sooner you can get set up, the sooner you can start to help. Instant modular buildings are designed to be set up quickly and efficiently in as little time as possible, ensuring that you will be up and running in no time.

Multiple uses

Instant modular building systems have multiple uses. Not only can they be used as a command center for your humanitarian efforts, but they can also be used as mobile medical and dental facilities, refugee housing, and even temporary classrooms or schools. Furthermore, modular buildings have the capacity to both filter and purify water, making them ideal as mobile latrines, washrooms, and even laundry spaces so refugees and staff can clean their clothes. 

Easy to ship

Many instant modular buildings are easy to ship due to the fact that they can ship flat. The collapsible components pack down flat for convenience and take up very little space which leads to compact and efficient shipping and allows greater ease of assembly later. This keeps both costs and time to a minimum.

Pressurized options

There is an option to order instant modular building systems with either positive or negative pressure. The pressurized units are helpful for containing pathogens and isolating patients with Covid-19 variants and other contagious diseases as necessary. High-quality filtration systems are often included as well. 

Alternate energy sources

Instant modular buildings are often deployed in areas where traditional sources of energy are compromised. Units are designed to be fully functional and self-contained without the need to connect to any land-based power. Instant modular buildings are available with backup generators as well as solar-powered options to keep your efforts well-lit and fully functional.

Wherever your team is called to next, instant modular building systems can help you accomplish your mission.